Fábio Miguel Roque Exposição de Fotografia
14 May — 25 Jun, 2023

Rua do Rosário 147, Porto

Orion, Fábio Miguel Roque latest body of work is a deep personal journey through the artist past months and all that comes out with it. Like building a new constellation, Orion is connected with the artist previous work — Everything Lay Still. It’s seen as a continuation of the same body of work traveling from the past to the present embracing the future.

In this project, he works towards a clear duality between himself as part of a inner territory and the outside world dealing with death, loss, life and love.

The stars have been since the early ages a guidance point and in this series, Roque’s uses this notion as a shield to guide himself. Always remembering to look up to approach life.

On the other hand, the artist worked around the Greek myth of Orion. This giant hunter became blind and by the power of Helios — the God of the Sun, got his vision back. Orion, claimed that he would kill every animal in the world, but Gaea — the goddess of the Earth — angered by Orion’s claims, sent a scorpion to kill him. Upon Orion’s demise, Zeus turned him into a constellation with his two dogs (Canis Minor and Canis Major), along with his killer scorpion.

Regarding, Orion’s myth and making an analogy between this creature and the Photographer — a hunter for images and blinded/healed by the light that comes within.


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