Bruno Silva, Veredas Instalação Audio Visual
13 May — 30 Jun, 2023

Rua do Rosário 147, Porto

(…) The duo consisting of photographer Bruno Silva and composer Veredas lived in the São Lázaro garden in Porto for more than a year, observing and documenting the habits of this place: its flora, fauna, and human activity within its opening hours. They left their four walls to enter a universe of four doors, where 12 camellias resided. The trees drew lines on the ground with the help of sunlight, and their branches were full of birds. This year, the garden was also adorned with yellow tulips and enigmatic portraits. (…)

Veredas was born in Venezuela in 1979 and graduated in Sociology. He was a member of various bands, including the anarcho-punk bands Insubmissão and Acratas at the age of 15. He also participated in a project of instrumental rock music for theater. He immigrated to Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and Spain for 12 years, and began to play solo with synthesizers in the courtyard of Kevelaer Cathedral. In 2021, he performed at Hotelier with images by Nelson Miranda, a work on the threshing floor. In 2022, he gave a concert at Cru and a performance at Adorna, with a film by Michael Ackerman about Varanasi, which they both visited.

Bruno Silva was born in Porto in 1983 and uses photography as a narrative vehicle in documentary projects, with a special interest in territory and memory. In 2017, he received the Emergent Documentary Photography Grant from I.P.C.I., which allowed him to attend the Master of Artistic Photography at I.P.C.I. In 2018, he participated in the Encontros da Imagem Braga 2018 Festival, and won the Estação Imagem Coimbra Grant in the same year. In 2020, he participated in the PhotoAlicante program and was selected for the Circulations Festival in Paris. In 2021, he was one of the winners of the Urbanautica Institute Awards. He is represented by Adorna.


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