From representation to self-representation

Collective Exposição de Fotografia
20 Jan — 02 Mar, 2024

Rua do Rosário 147, Porto

As Guy Debord advocated, revolution is not showing life to people, rather bringing them to life – the artistic act as a reflection of our own existence. Words that are cause, motto and outcome of «From Representation to Self-Representation» which, in a single curatorial gesture, merges Adorna’s collection with the founder’s personal collection; after all, there is no distance between both, if coming from the same root.

The eccentricity of an exhibition that breaks with the status quo by interposing, without ceremony, photographic prints, formats and language codes. Walls overloaded with images and the confrontation of 33 photographers, dedicated to the service of a common inspiration: to the same constellation patronage, to a shared art of hybridity and transversality that likes to cross and confuse. A sensitive sharing, narrated from childhood to adulthood that, between the visible and invisible, between what is said and remains silent, builds up a chronicle called Estefânia; or if it wasn’t this portrait, more than representative, autobiographical. In this very audible set of voices, inquiring is the same as coming across an answer that seems absurd, a web of intertwined icons and signs. Let’s find, in our own blindness, the view of a transfigured landscape: life begins to be real. And here, it has only one face, the one that teaches us that, to ensure the revolution, we must start with photography but go much beyond it.


text by Mafalda Ruão



Estefania r.