Rico Schwartzberg Exposição de Fotografia
24 Sep — 06 Nov, 2022

Rua do Rosário 147, Porto

A photographer’s job is literally to look.

But what happens when this ability to watch and process the outside world is cut off, both physically and psychologically?

In the last two years, with the pandemic, we have been forced to enter the inner spaces of our homes, unable to engage with the wider social world.
But there are also mental cages where the understanding of the outside world is obscured and hindered of focus.

This set of images was photographically created to represent that state of mind.

Our sense of the world is blinded and confused.

There are patterns of light and darkness, but do these patterns make sense?
Shadows and flashes of light cross our mental screen as we try to translate these images into a coherent state of mind.

Captured with a Polaroid SX-70 camera on instant film, these images create an immediate exploration of the internal chaos felt when the shutters are closed.


Estefânia R. de Almeida