Lull for a certain situation

An aphonic presence was clarified, which everyone felt at least once, operative in their invisible actions of vulgar fairness, while a trembling line was quickly witnessed, which darkened the landscape all the way down until our feet, haunting the wildest spirits, who out of boredom walked among the bushes, trees, and such like, densified by their leavings. When the line closed in on itself, in noises its weaknesses were revealed, but none of those decoded the common sensation of those who wandered in its centre. Someone thought the day had been so calm and now not a street dared to pass. Resonances that emphasized the being matter were felt, so everything was mixed, making the black stand out and the site amorphous; nothing distinguished and nothing mattered apart from anything else, therefore, without limits. It was also thought who would be here, to which was replied: cu grigri cucu, here are you.

Let’s just leave this above our heads and we will hear scratching, objects being put down, some broken, others breaking and, well up high, an incessant knocking, which will accompany us until proven otherwise. Let’s let other repressions arise on top of previous ones, only to show them fragile, dull, and obsolete, forgetting the story, to praise what is readily desired. (“What do you want?” “Thee”). The stones were marked and the scraps transformed the landscape into home, but the noises continued to grow harsher and more agonizing lulling the cold bed; the wind shaped the treetops after having mutated their bodies, dancing until eternity with the constant noise rambling around there. Someone said that what is unwanted not always appears, that much worse was the unease that was always lurking and, thus, one had to foresee the care with the trees, which were not alone.

We started from the silence as a repressed memory of it, the weight fell on us and we needed to extend the mist away; we were lifted by an arm, while our hands protected the belly, ensconced by the commonplaces, which longed for the long-lost novelty. Taken up, we lost the completeness and the air density left us visibly alone. However, even disconnected, levitated, the place remained intact and by itself managed, to which this surprise triggered irritation, followed by a gasp.

It had been perceived that there was something adulterated in our words and yet to be disclosed, that no one communicated, exposing all the weaknesses uselessly frustrated; all around, things fell apart, and the boundaries of each one stiffened, closing insurmountable, remaining remnants of a nature, at the whims of a universal entity stagnant and fought. Contradicted the right to our egocentrism, it was asked why then we feared the silence, to which it was answered: because it never was.

Por Guilherme g Oliveira