Rico Schwartzberg Exposição de Fotografia
16 Sep — 11 Nov, 2017

Rua do Rosário 147, Porto

Assembled from the airwaves, shot from a cathode ray-gun, these images are literally stitched together, interlaced to resemble our collective unconscious. Dreams, fantasies, desires and nightmares are projected onto the screen as an electron dance painted at 15,750 lines per second.

We watch TV both passively and aggressively. Passive because we are receiving from outside our imagination, yet aggressive because we control the conduit to our id. Change channel, pause , repeat, surf, tune in or tune out, we are always searching for a resonance within our own sense of identity.

The images included in this project are a result of photographing an assortment of CRT TV’s with an SX-70 Polaroid camera. The photographs are not manipulated beyond the controls of the TV itself. They reflect both the manifest perceptions of Rico Schwartzberg and the visions of a consumerist society at large. Beamed through the airwaves, vibrating through the megahertz, they are finally captured, making the ephemeral concrete.


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