Fecho os olhos cansados, e descrevo

LIMAMIL Exposição de Fotografia
01 Jul — 08 Sep, 2023

Rua do Rosário 147, Porto

“I close my tired eyes and describe…”, a short excerpt from Cesário Verde’s verse, which gives its name to the exhibition, frames it in a poetic manner, which seems to us a very appropriate choice.
It is a journey to the ‘interior’ and seen in the double sense: that of the map’s coordinates and the introspective one, that of the photographer.

Without formality, betting on the plasticity of the paper in an attempt to concentrate the level of visual attention to a privileged degree, in some cases with an aesthetic of striking brushstrokes, the imagetic poetry of João Lima is ready to (usu)fruition.

João Lima, pseudonym Limamil, presents a photographic exhibition whose theme, the Nordeste Transmontano – Douro Internacional, through topics such as landscape, nature, human intervention in that environment and the interaction of the people who inhabit it.

The work that the exhibition consecrates, results from a constant demand of the author and the passion that for a decade led him to travel regularly to the region.
Plasmed in a black and white that emphasizes the binomial of the haunting beauty and the wild beauty, the photos intercept, beyond the human figure and its relationship with the landscape and nature, even as elements responsible for the transformation of the territory.

On the other hand, a religiosity and a subtle mysticism are glimpsed, I would say moulded in a “pantheistic” essence and atmosphere, which is still a curiosity, above all for someone who assumes to be secular.

Limamil has a career associated with various paths, as a commissioner and as an artist. He has participated in multiple exhibitions, his work is represented in various exhibitions and private collectors. João Lima/ Limamil’s career is also linked to teaching: he was assistant professor at ICP – New York in 2002, and was professor at ESAP in Porto, between 1999 and 2014. He is currently a photography technician at FBAUP since 2004.



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