Stanislas Guigui


French photographer Stanislas Guigui was born in Paris in 1969.

Straddling contemporary art and photojournalism, obsessed with the underbelly of the world, anger, and revolt, Stanislas Guigui is constantly driven by a desire to explore the dark sides of our societies.

Interested in social themes of exclusion and marginalized worlds, since 1996 he has been building a photographic body of work where his gaze is never moralizing but questions our capacity for indignation in the face of injustices created by our societies.

In 1996, he moved to Colombia. As a consequence of the civil war, thousands of homeless people haunted the streets of Bogota, specifically the El Cartucho neighborhood, the largest gathering of marginalized people in South America. In 2003, Stanislas Guigui managed to gain acceptance from the residents of the neighborhood, whom he photographed for three years, depicting their wretched living conditions, crack dens, and knife fights. His work was recognized at PhotoEspana in 2006 and by UNICEF in 2008.

Nonconformist and engaged, Stanislas Guigui’s universe is populated by baroque and Fellini-esque characters. He photographs the striptease performers of the Cabaret New Burlesque, the second tallest man in the world, dwarfs, and more. Highly influenced by Victor Hugo’s work that sublimates poverty, his photographs pay homage to bohemian life and bohemians.

Stanislas Guigui is a member of the VU’ Agency.