Luísa Sequeira


Luísa Sequeira is a film director and curator. She studied journalism and documentary filmmaking. Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Media Arts.

Luísa worked for over a decade at RTP, where she coordinated and presented various projects. Among them, she highlights “Fotograma,” a magazine dedicated to Portuguese-language cinema. Since 2010, she has been the director of the short film festival Shortcutz Porto and organizes the Super 9 Mobile Film Fest, the first Portuguese festival dedicated to films made with mobile devices.

In addition to participating in several collective photography exhibitions and curating for film festivals, Luísa conducts workshops on new audiovisual narratives. She has directed several short films and experimental films that have been screened at various national and international film festivals.

In 2017, she premiered the feature-length documentary “Quem é Bárbara Virgínia?” (Who is Bárbara Virgínia?), a film about the first Portuguese female director. The film premiered at Doclisboa and the São Paulo International Film Festival, won the Best Documentary award at Caminhos do Cinema Português, and had its international premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Currently, Luísa is directing the documentary “Nada a Temer” with artist Sama, a film about the current political and social situation in Brazil. She is also producing a documentary about “As Novas Cartas Portuguesas” with Luísa Marinho and Ana Luísa Amaral.